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Balance your Emotions with essential oilsBalance your Emotions with essential oils
Thorsten Weiss


All emotions affect the body and mind - both pleasant emotions and the less fine, and both the emotions that you go through when you feel oppressed. Emotions are not expressed, working as ticking time bombs: they are the sources of discomfort and illness. To be healthy is so important to being emotionally balanced.

Essential oils can help to restore the emotional balance or save. They work - through the nervous system and the bloodstream - in the psyche, the organs and the whole body system, thereby putting a powerful healing process in motion. The scent molecules stimulate a new self-esteem and help integrate them into the subconscious.

This book presents the properties of 43 special essential oils and shows how you can use them safely. You'll be stronger, have a clearer mind and feel freer.

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